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Kids Having Nightmares

nightmareI heard that it’s good for kids to have nightmares.Kids having nightmares on regular basis is not normal, it means there is something in their room that is conflicting with their personal energy. I experienced this with my own son. Ever since he was born for seven years, he would constantly come to my room and complain that he is scared. Almost every night I would wake up and move to his room and sleep with him. I never got sound sleep. After graduating from Canadian School of Feng Shui and completing a few more Feng Shui courses online combined with personal research and studying the concept and principles for a year, it was time to apply the principles. I studied that if one is not having sound sleep that means there is something interfering with the energy of the person sleeping in that room. I made changes and I couldn’t believe my son stopped coming to my room and yay, I could sleep through the night.

I hear all the time parents complaining about their babies not sleeping through the night or their 10 year old still wants their parents to take them to sleep or sleep with them. I think it’s great for parents to spend time with their child before bedtime. It is important though to let kids feel confident and independent. Tuck them and give good night kiss and let them have a sound sleep.