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Help Your Teenager With Feng Shui

Teens texting in a living room

In this fast moving competitive world with social media presence everywhere teenagers feel lost. In this world of information influx kids no longer value parental and family guidance. Any topic that kids are curious about they go to their new parent, ‘Internet’; So many suggestions and so much advise is bound to confuse and mislead our new generation. There are great advantages of the new technology and advanced futuristic world but at the same time our kids are loosing innocence way early in their age.

In this fast paced world the only thing that can keep them grounded is the bonding and unconditional love from their family. Love is the purest form of energy, it protects and protects our loved ones. When our teenagers cross 12 and enter 13, we don’t even realize we gradually stop hugging them, we stop kissing them instead we only give them instructions, lectures and tell them what life is all about. We stop flowing energy that is full of love that we would pour on them when they were babies. I always wonder being teenagers is so tough, dealing with bodily changes is not enough that now everyone is trying to be the boss – ┬áparents, teachers, friends, relatives….looks like the whole world. Teenagers who are loved and appreciated and their mental and physical changes are wlecomed those teenagers walk with a totally different aura; they spread the energy they are receiving, no outside influence distracts them from their goal.

The easier way to keep your teenager on track is making sure they are supported and nourished by their environment. This greatly helps in keeping their focus and their act together.

Energy is vital, the kind of energy they are absorbing is the kind of energy they are going to exude. Looking at their personal space can give a fair good idea what your teenager is up to, what he or she is struggling with and what is distracting your teenager.

Flow positive energy around your teenager and keep them safe from the negative influences around them.

Create Rythm in your teenager’s life with Feng Shui !!