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Feng Shui and Risk Management

riskmanagementStudying pattern of energy and how energy flows Feng Shui is used as risk management tool. These days major companies like Coco Cola, The Body Shop, Citibank, Proctor and Gamble, Sony, Shell use Feng Shui and the pattern of energy to their advantage.

Feng Shui is a study of energy and looking at the pattern in a space it can be determined where are the weaknesses and where are the strengths of a particular individual, a company or for that matter a house. The same pattern of energy can be used to find out how your child is dealing with issues.

It is advisable just to be safe it is a good idea to analyze the space of your child and see where your child needs a boost. Its like risk analysis and risk management.

For example, I recently saw a mansion at Y junction, looked like it was a stress sale. If a homeowner before buying the property got Feng Shui inspection done, a lot of financial loss could have been prevented. The Feng Shui inspection report helps the owner understand the energy pattern and apply solutions to negate the negative influences. Similar way many times a very nice kid who was doing fine all of sudden changes, we all dismiss it sometimes saying its teenager, school stress, peer stress, etc, etc. When you see sings of your child not being himself or herself then it is time for Feng Shui analysis and help your child.  When I was working at Plan Canada, I was chatting with a colleague, he told me that he was not doing well as a child so his mom hired a Feng Shui consultant, ever since he has been doing very well emotionally, physically, mentally and financially. He is thriving now and working for a very large company.

Analyzing the environment helps see the negative influences in our environment and we can use Feng Shui to tap into the potential of our environment and achieve our goals, good health and relationships: thats the power of Feng Shui.