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Sell Your House Faster With Feng Shui

IMG_0091 Is your house in a nice neighborhood, in good school district, is well maintained, is in a good location, is recently renovated or the listed price is right, not to mention another house comparable in your neighborhood sells faster. Do you wonder why your house is not selling? Using Feng Shui principles, you will be able to sell your house faster and have a perfect buyer wanting to buy your house.
Always remember Feng Shui is not a magic wand. To sell a property you must hire the right realtor and the price should be right. Feng Shui enhancements help attract showings and the perfect buyer without going through months of anxiety of selling your home.


This house sold in 1 day. The house had a reputation of being an inventory home, always sat in the market for months. 


This house sold in Oakville in 17 days after implementing Feng Shui principles. The house was a challenge since it was next to church and had humongous tree blocking the front door. Also aggressive energy was flowing through the house. 

This IMG_0509house sold In Oakville in 23 days after implementing Feng Shui enhancements. The house was on Lakeshore Road, landscape was not supportive and house was empty. Empty houses are a bit of a challenge as there is no active energy flowing through the house.



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Why Sell Home with Feng Shui ?

  1. Save on Staging.
  2. Save on expensive renovations.
  3. Sell with in 30 days.
  4. No anxiety when house is on sale. Saves upkeep hassle of the house.
  5. Raise the vibration of the house and feel the energy.

Try it, to believe it !! Experience the power of Feng Shui !

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